Affordable Choice Payroll Services

We Take the Pay Out of Payroll

Whether your company outsources payroll or manages these activities internally, we can help you to reduce the expense, time commitment and liability associated with the payroll process.

The Payroll Problem

Traditionally, payroll processing companies charge way too much and deliver too little for their service. Their systems and processes are wrought with errors such as miscalculations, late delivery, and lost checks. Other payroll systems are cumbersome to deal with and require too many steps to process your payroll. Let us take the pay out of payroll by eliminating all your payroll headaches for a fraction of the cost.

We Have a Solution

First off, we guarantee to save you money. That is a promise. Our payroll is underwritten by Black Tree who is a leader in the payroll processing industry. Our payroll system is extremely efficient and accurate. Our technology is cutting edge and sure to simplify your payroll processing steps.

Features You Need

Our payroll system includes all the bells and whistles you would expect from the best. Here are some of its capabilities:

Payroll Processing

Track all your employee data, hours, unlimited deductions, employee codes, paid time off, payroll taxes, overtime, etc…

Online Access

You will have the convenience of accessing our payroll system online anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. Enjoy state-of-the-art secure access to real-time payroll anytime. NO need to invest in your own servers, security, or backup.

Paperless Payroll

You can print checks directly onsite or allow us to directly deposit them in a bank account or on a PayCard if you employee does not have an account. Your employee’s paystubs will be securely emailed to them or you can print them on site.

Payroll Taxes

We process and file your quarterly payroll taxes with the proper State and Federal taxing authority. We also process your end of year w-2/1099 documents for your employees. Our system is compatible will all major accounting programs such as QuickBooks.

Time and Attendance

Our web-based time and attendance program will reduce time and expense dealing with payroll data. Our payroll system can also easily integrate with onsite time and attendance terminals. If you don’t have an onsite time clock terminal, we can take care of that too. Choose from a variety of time clocks which use key codes, card readers, or biometrics (fingerprint, palm or handprint, iris scan).

Pay-As-You-Go Worker’s Compensation Reports

Once your insurance agent sets you up on a no deposit, pay-as-you-go worker’s comp policy—our system will offer you the reports required to administer such a program.

HR Tools

Track your employee information such as date of hire, birthdays, social security information, FMLA, performance evaluations and results, and many others!

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